Driving Behavior Intelligence

Sentiance converts smartphone sensor data into driving and behavior intelligence for driver centric assistance, services and usage-based insurance. Harness the power of real-time driver behavior profiling to attract and retain safer drivers, lower fleet and claim costs, and increase overall profitability. Our smartphone-based solution combines ease of use and low-cost deployment with instant and broad scalability.

Driving event analytics

Accurately detects intensity and duration of accelerations, brakes, turns, speeding, coasting

Multi-modal transport detection

Automatically detects transport modes, distinguishing car trips from public transport trips

Distracted driving detection

Automatically detects in-car phone handling while driving (digital drunkenness)

Safer roads, engaged drivers, powered by your smartphone

Holistic driver profiles

Our driver-centric approach fueled by smartphone sensor data unveils specific driver habits and behavior in real-time, building a rich holistic driver profile.

  • Detailed and accurate driving event detection, on par with dedicated hardware solutions
  • Multi-dimensional driving behavior scoring, based on open and customizable models
  • Context-aware intelligence, allowing to harmonize scores to driver and trip context: trip purpose, driving conditions and environment

Low cost & simple deployment

The setup requires a simple SDK integration into a smartphone app and provides a flexible API for accessing the driving events, context and scores.

  • Simple SDK integration into mobile application
  • Over-the-air deployment enabling broad reach and selective activation

Case studies

RISK: introducing user-based car insurance

RISK (NL) is using Sentiance technology to introduce the next generation of UBI solutions by incorporating behavioral and contextual data. First generation UBI products focused on analyzing car data. The Sentiance-RISK solution also takes into account the broader behavior and context of the person driving the car.

Personalizing the in-car experience

PSA is using the Sentiance platform to detect the profile and context of drivers before they enter their vehicle. This allows them to tailor the in-car experience accordingly.

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